Kingdoms Of Wyrmwood

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Sürüm 1.20.x 1.17.x 1.16.x 1.19.x
Tür Towny Survival Land Claim mmo mcmmo PvE crates Player Shops Dungeons mounts
Konum United States
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NOW ON 1.20!

Welcome to Kingdoms of Wyrmwood, we're a friendly fantasy towny server with dungeons, pets, mounts, level rewards and so much more! We would love to see you in game, please do come check us out! Our community is very relaxed, our peak hours are about 9PM GMT / 5PM EST.

Towny - Towny is the main feature of the plugin, we have a plethora of open and welcoming towns with many members and many different features, We have special towny chats in our discord.

Dungeons - We have two dungeons currently and bosses which drop Boss crate keys, there are a lot of treasure chests to find as well as some parkour and hidden chests! Dungeons are a great way to earn money and players run them in open groups regularly!

PVP World - We have a PVP world where you can earn PVP crate keys from player kills and a World Boss Draki which can drop up to 5 keys! There are also lootchests to find and fight over for lots of treasure such as money, keys and items!

Mounts & pets - We have a ton of custom pets and mounts with more being implemented regularly. There are flying mounts and some of them have special attacks to help you in dungeons or defeat mobs!

Level Rewards - We have a Level rank system where you can spend $coins to unlocks lots of level perks and even full flying at level 18!

MCMMO Classes - We currently have 5 MMO classes with more planned in the future! These are, Rogue, Mage, Marksman, Warrior, and Paladin! These classes have lots of perks as you level like health boosts, damage boosts, speed and more!

Crates - We currently have 9 crates and all keys are obtainable in game without paying! There is an option to buy keys in the store though for people who want to support the server. <3

Ranks - We only offer LIFETIME ranks on our store! No paying monthly and having perks removed, when you choose to support the server you keep those perks forever!

Jobs - Earn in game $coins with jobs! Whether it's building, fishing, woodcutting or more, there's plenty of ways to have fun and make $coins doing it!

Player shops - We have super easy player shops and a dedicated admin shop at /warp bazar for when players don't have stuff in stock. you can also make more from your jobs by selling your goods to the Bazar!

Resource world - Get resources and items in our dedicated resource world without having to deforest or mine in the main world!

Discord - We have an active discord where our players hang out and where I put most server updates and the changelog! 

Chat games - We have fun chat games that run regularly where you're able to win keys and resources!

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