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Sürüm 1.20.1
Tür Economy Community Casual Kit PvP Parkour PvE Semi Vanilla Custom MiniGames Hermitcraft Dynmap
Konum United States
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Interested in joining the SoftSlayer Community? Learn a little bit about us and see if we’re the perfect fit for you!

SoftSlayer has been around for over 12 years now and has built a loyal community! People have come and gone but our love of Minecraft has never wavered. We’re a peaceful community that believes in welcoming everybody as long as you love Minecraft!

The 1.20 Update has brought to us a very special change from our historic past. Our fresh map will be the last reset! You can come and build forever without losing your memories to a reset. We don’t allow PvP or grief. We have locked chests and keepInventory is on in the overworld! People don’t have the time to lose everything and start over so if you’re a casual player who just wants to have fun.. we’re the server for you! Our server also includes minigames like KitPvP and Parkours, and our own player-run Market with individual player shops.

Other important rules and information to mention is our strict rule against homophobia/racism/the likes of that. No place for it here. We don’t allow hacking either. It’s pretty much just use common sense and you’ll be fine. A full detailed list is available on our discord though!

If you think SoftSlayer is the place for you please join our server and discord with the links below!


Java: or




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