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🔮 Custom Items: 100+ unique tools, weapons, and armors.
💪 Epic Gear: Combat like never before.
🏦 Player Economy & Auction: Trade, bid, earn your fortune.
🧪 Crafting & Ores: Unique ways to build and craft.
⚔️ Dungeons & Skilling: Thrilling challenges, skill development.
📖 Codex & Menus: Enhanced navigation and gameplay.
🌍 Lands System: Claim, build, rule.
🔰 Equipment Slots: Level up with unique accessories.
🔮 NPCs: Engage with AI characters and quests.
💰 Token Shop & Trade: Earn and trade tokens.
🎯 Custom Enchantments: 55+ enchantments for epic effects.
🗳️ Voting System: Vote for unique rewards.
🎉 Events & Rewards: Participate for exciting prizes.
🎫 Battle Pass: Ultimate quest, extra rewards.
🎁 Crates: Uncover hidden mysteries.

Our server guarantees:

⏰ 24/7 Hosting: Adventure anytime.
💾 Daily Backups: Your progress is secure.
🛠️ Experienced Team: Smooth, memorable gaming.

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