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Durum Online
Son Ping26 minutes 37 seconds ago
Sürüm 1.17.x
Tür Life Box
Konum United Kingdom
Son Güncelleme31 May 2023
Katılım Tarihi31 May 2023


Welcome to StealZero, the ultimate Lifesteal Box Server in the world of Minecraft!

Are you ready to experience a gaming adventure like never before? StealZero is here to take your Minecraft gameplay to the next level, introducing a revolutionary concept that will change the way you approach combat and survival.

In StealZero, lifesteal is the name of the game. Prepare to unleash your inner warrior as you enter a realm where every hit counts, and every blow can mean the difference between life and death. Engage in intense battles with other players, where your skill, strategy, and timing determine your fate.

As you explore our immersive Minecraft server, you'll discover a meticulously crafted world filled with stunning landscapes, treacherous dungeons, and challenging arenas. Collaborate with friends or go solo as you embark

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