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Durum Online
Son Ping34 minutes 58 seconds ago
Sürüm 1.19 1.18 1.17 1.16 1.15
Tür Survival Duel Economy Land Claim shop Arena Pvp Citybuild
Konum Germany
Son Güncelleme29 Apr 2023
Katılım Tarihi11 Feb 2023


Citybuild / Survival

The server is a server where you can play freely with friends or even make new friends.
The server is based on version 1.19, but you can connect with any other older version.
It is mostly created with premium plugins, correctly configured, the lag is not encountered on this server, no errors, no bugs, constant TPS 20.
It is based on  Citybuild but in the so called Farmworld  PVP mode is on and allmost all Citybuild perks are deactivated 

Votecrates, Shop Premium, /ah (server market), Duels (/duel), warps and many others.
This server does not tolerate toxic players, Respect and you will be Respected!
For problems or concerns contact me via Discord.

Yours Evil_XIII

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