Captive Prison

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Son Güncelleme25 Dec 2022
Katılım Tarihi25 Dec 2022


Captive Prison

In need of an OP Prison server Look no further than Captive Prison. We are a community who loves to grind, interact and play together. We love our community of players and seek to give them the best Prison experience out there. We take all suggestions and consider them and love to host events and see the server grow. Features of the server are: Free Autosell, Token Enchants, Crates, Good Economy Much More. If you play Captive Prison expect many features too be added and a friendly community and staff team who loves to see new players come and fit in with the community. Come check us out! There is nothing to lose!

We here on Captive Prison are a server which cares a lot about its community. Whether its making our donor ranks affordable or making it a fun experience for those who don't spend a single penny on the server. We appreciate the whole community and just playing the server helps us out and means a lot to the staff and community. The staff know all of the players very well and the dedicated staff love too take your suggestions and help build on the server too make it better.

When you join the server you can instantly get right into the fun of Captive Prison. The community is very helpful and if you encounter any problem or maybe need some support to help rankup, the community will help support you so you can have the best of fun on Captive Prison.

Just some of the things we have to offer:
[+] Auction House /ah
[+] Free Autosell /as
[+] Free BattlePass /bp
[+] Crates that offer many rewards
[+] Daily Rewards /rewards
[+] Duels /duel
[+] Gambling /gamble
[+] Gangs /gang
[+] Lottery
[+] Minebombs
[+] Mobcoins
[+] Free Playervaults
[+] Pets
[+] Plots
[+] Trails
[+] Prestige Multipliers

Server IP: