Thrones of Myridia

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Tür Adventure Custom Roleplay Fantasy Medieval Magic Rpg Brewery Custom world Dungeons
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After a change in the Leadership of Thronecraft and months of revamping the old system, as well as creating an entirely new world, we are happy to announce the release of the next version of Thronecraft: "Thrones of Myridia".

Thrones of Myridia is an immersive fantasy Minecraft server, with a strict focus on roleplay. On ToM you create your own character and steer through the world in their perspective. Journey, Quest and meet friends and enemies that influence your story and help you develop your character.

Our intense world-building gives you a unique possibility to delve into all kinds of directions. A powerful mage, commanding the elements and bending reality to your will? A fiercesome warrior, battling the dark creatures lurking in the wilderness? Or a healer, fixing people up and keeping the community alive? The possibilities are endless and lie in your hands.

To join the server future players are required to write a whitelist application on our site, which will be reviewed by our experienced players. This way we ensure high-quality and enjoyable roleplay on our server with a diverse group of personalities.


Apply For Whitelist - Thronecraft (


-=- Myridia -=-


For this world, named Myridia, roleplay takes place in three cities that each feature their own culture and unique races. These three countries are:

The Land of a Thousand Lights, Zavarah. Located in the deserts of the south, the Zavarah countryside is home to those marked by the Phoenix's icon as the first to claim the nation from the fall of the Empire of the Sun. In the years that followed the tyrant's fall, the Houses of Mankind have taken over the ancient holdings. House Phyrria reigns as the Firekeeper Pharaohs, their rivals the families of Luscythia and Silesia. These three noble houses, follow the Divine Light's teaches as told by the Light-bringers of the divided sects.


In the deep forests and mountain valley of Myridia's heartland, rests the wildlands of Tal'Aethel. Untamed wilderness spans the region with only sparse locations that are loosely organized under the Avatars of the Eternal Circle. Each avatar embodies the will of its patron's spirit and represents the often turbulent aspect of the divine itself. Taming the overgrowth is among the duties of the forest dwellers as well as the quiet guardianship of their people of the remains of the distant past.


While the forest and deserts hold to tradition and common cultural identity, the northern lands have long been at odds. In the harsh mountainous north, there is but a common covenant lived among the people there. Unity against the world's uncertainty built a diverse city. With the tall, gothic spires, dwarven stone halls, and orcish rugged shrines, the Uzrath are held together by the covenant. Either they will survive as one nation or will be torn apart by the hostile beasts that they defeated.


-=- What features can you expect? -=-


- Detailed world-building, knitting together different aspects of Myridia

- A mix of player and staff run storylines and events, that define the future of Myridia. Discover secrets and ancient evils or explore our unique map, filled with beautiful builds, created by our own passionate builders. Each is unique to its surroundings and nations.

- A variety of races and creatures dwelling in the three nations

- A diverse player base, each bringing their touch to Myridia, developing and bettering our community.

- Combat mechanics created by our own community. Enjoy an intense and balanced combat roleplay, like on no other Minecraft RPG Server