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Sürüm 1.20.x 1.20
Tür Towny Land Claim LandProtection Mature Staff Friendly staff Need Staff Special Events Giveaways
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Son Güncelleme04 Jul 2023
Katılım Tarihi21 Aug 2022


Prepare for an epic adventure as we announce the grand reopening of Pyrakia!

    Get ready to unwind and immerse yourself in a serene and relaxing experience with the launch of our towny-based first feature-complete server, Chillville!
To celebrate, we are hosting a giveaway event that will run from July 1st to July 31st.
During this period, you will have the chance to win one of five rewards in Steam cash, including a $25 card, a $10 card, and three $5 cards.
To participate, simply complete tasks in the ticket system, which can be accessed in-game with '/tickets'.

At the end of our Chillville giveaway event, we will be running a second giveaway event to launch our to-be-named Hardcore SMP server into it's open-beta phase.
This event will be run with the same (or better) rewards and ticket system, but will be much harder and will run for three months - from August 1st to October 31st.
To end in style on October 13, as the days grow shorter and the nights darker, the bone-chilling M-Rated Halloween event "Bloodfest" begins.
Brace yourself for the arrival of horrifying new monsters that will test the limits of your courage and cunning in the unforgiving Deathly Rift that will feature a newly renovated Haunted Mansion.

    We are also thrilled to announce that our entire network is now funded by a new credit system called "Folding At Spawn" - a unique and meaningful way to fund the server for the foreseeable future.
Powered by the renowned "Folding At Home" program and backed by the potassium-rich Banano cryptocurrency, it allows users to donate their computing power to vital disease-fighting research.
By running Folding At Home with a Pyrakia Folding At Spawn account, players can earn PyCredits for their invaluable contributions while funding the server.
With this system, we should be able to run several new servers, with new multiplayer games in the future while also donating to notable charities.

We owe a heartfelt thanks to our users Spythrine for funding more than the entire first payment cycle, and  TaytheDwarf who provided more than 50% of the server upkeep during the second payment cycle with Folding At Spawn credits.