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About JRCraft

JRCraft has been running since 2011 ! Join one of the longest running community driven servers in Minecraft history !

Small nuggets of info

  • Newish map, we have recently reset. We do not do this often (once every 2 years or so).
  • Fast server, all JR servers are ran on a dedicated server cluster running in multiple locations (France / UK / Finland)
  • Not ran by children, family friendly and no bullsh*t.
  • No griefing ! If your builds are griefed please use /report we can rollback any grief !

Plugin info and Server News: https://jrcraft.net

Permissions: https://jrnetwork.net/help/serverwiki/minecraft/jrcraft-permissions-r21/

Dynmap: http://play.jrcraft.net:1888


We do have a donator rank, this will give you some in game benefits. This is to help pay for our ever growing expensive servers.


  • Additional Griefprevention blocks
  • Have multiple homes
  • Keep xp on death
  • Use /fly and /flyspeed
  • Have a pet /petblock
  • Have 99 homes
  • Create and use chat groups /group
  • Use Chat colors
  • Use a nickname /nick
  • Use vanish /vanish
  • Use playertime /ptime
  • Repair items /repair
  • Feed yourself
  • Heal yourself
  • Do not need to sleep like other users to change server time to day
  • Use /firework
  • Use /workbench
  • Use /back
  • Use /compass
  • Use a hat
  • Join the server if it is full
  • Unlimited Shopchests

For more information please look at: http://jrnetwork.net/subscriptions

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