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Discord Discord
Sunucu IP'si
Durum Unknown
Son PingMonitoring disabled
Sürüm 1.18.2
Tür Multiplayer Survival Creative Parkour Custom Items Custom Gamemodes
United States
Son Güncelleme07 Apr 2022
Katılım Tarihi07 Apr 2022


Rivasty is a new server with a small, but friendly, community. We got the idea to create a Minecraft server a while back. Like with all servers, we went through various phases, and made numerous changes. Eventually our team realized something important. We noticed how pretty much every server out there is trying to be the next Mineplex or Hypixel. We decided we needed to go another route with our server. Wouldn't it be nice to have a reliable server you and your friends can do anything on? Build whatever and wherever you want. Imagine being able to play with your friends, doing whatever you want, while having access to the best plugins and commands out there. Not to mention helpful staff who are there to guide you all along the way. Well, there's no need to imagine anymore my friend. You've found your home. So, what are you waiting for?