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Durum Unknown
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Tür Big Map Vanilla Vanilla Survival Anarchy Griefing Normal
Son Güncelleme21 Feb 2020
Katılım Tarihi21 Feb 2020


- What is this server about?
VANILLAX.ONLINE is a Vanilla server that is intended to be played how Notch intended Minecraft to be played.
The server has minimal rules, you're allowed to grief, steal, say whatever you want and build wherever you want. However, there are a few rules that make the server a bit more fair compared to other anarchy servers. You could say is an anarchy server, but it is semi-anarchy.

- What is the world border and difficulty?
Border: 1,000,000
Difficulty: Hard

- Do you get kicked for AFK?
No, you do not get kicked for AFK, however if you're caught afk'ing near a lag machine you will be punished.

- What are the rules?
1. Do not hack or cheat.
2. Do not spam or advertise in chat.
3. You are allowed to say whatever you want in chat as long as it doesn't break rule #2. (If you are offended by what other people say, /ignore <player> )
4. Do not deliberately cause lag on the server. (Lag Machines.)

- Why doesn't the server have /tpa or /sethome or any other convenient commands?
VANILLAX.ONLINE is a Vanilla server, it isn't your typical factions/towny/economy server, everything you do, travelling, building, fighting will be legit vanilla. If you do not feel like travelling far, that's your problem, the Nether Roof is not disabled, so you can glitch ontop of it to travel far distances easily.

- You have plugins on the server, it isn't Vanilla, why are you lying to everyone?
The plugins have absolutely no affect on gameplay, all it does is prevent lag and make things look nicer.