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Durum Online
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Sürüm 1.16.5
Tür Towny PvE Semi Vanilla Whitelist Hermitcraft Building
United Kingdom
Son Güncelleme06 May 2021
Katılım Tarihi30 Aug 2019


Welcome to Triumvirate!

Triumivrate is a server heavily based on youtube show called Hermitcraft. Our server was created for people who like building, expressing themselves and overall enjoying playing the game we all love within friendly and dedicated community.

What do we have to offer:
- the server on newest version of minecraft
- friendly and active community, with that characteristic hermitcraft vibe
- quality of life datapacks, from website
- stable 20 TPS- friendly and active staff, always ready to solve your issues

To join the server, you'll first need to join our Discord (link below) and introduce yourself to the rest of players. After that, if you meet all of the requirements listed in Disclaimer below, you'll most likely be accepted as the member of our community, and added to the whitelist

Disclaimer: There are three requirements you have to meet if you want to join our community:
1. Be an active and dedicated player. If you want to join, play for hour and leave forever - this is not a place for you
2. You need to know what hermitcraft is (if you are watching it/ have watched in past, it's even better)
3. As of now we are pointing towards getting players, who have outstanding building abilities (When you join the discord, prepare to show us some of your creations. We're talking about building as visuals, not redstone). If we consider your skills as good enough, you'll become our member.

We know that these requirements (especially the last one) can make us look as not welcoming, and hostile community but don't worry. As soon as you'll join, you'll realise that we are in fact bunch of friendly and dedicated players ^^

If you are friendly, cooperative player, familiar with Hermitcraft series, consider joining us! We guarantee you'll not regret it!

Our Discord:

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