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Son Güncelleme02 Mar 2023
Katılım Tarihi18 Feb 2021

Bilgi NewSchool

Rodnia2 its more than an International Server. Rodnia2 is a World of Innovation, offers vastly superior game quality, the wide range of systems to improve life in the game has no limit. A Staff from the highest professionalism will always be ready and available.

- MultiFarm Block
- Ingame Wiki
- Multi languages
- F5 SwitchBot
- F6 Dungeon Informations
- F7 Wheel of Destiny 
- Buffi System
- Skill Color System
- Offline Shop
- Search Shop
- Special Inventory
- Blessed Wings
- Reborn System
- Hero levels
- Unique Dungeons
- World Bosses
- Costume Reinforcements
- Weapons / Armor Reinforcements
- Premium System
- Talisman System
- Preview System
- Auto Pick up
- Companion System
- Biologist Quests
- Weekly Ranking
- Mount / Pet Skins
- Keyboard Shortcuts
- Monthly Battlepass 
- Achievements
- Auction System
- Energy Crystals