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Hi. I recently just created my own server. Today was the first day it's officially went live. All players are welcome new dayz players or og dayz players. I accept feedback and do not tolerate admin abuse. The admins on War Criminals respect their privelage to be an admin and don't abuse their powers. They are more then happy to help with questions,tickets,etc. My server offers a bunch of really cool mods. It currently has 50 player slots. This is the 1st day it officially launched so server population is well really only 3 players. We can definitely make that grow. Are current raid to is c4(will be adding more options in the future). I do have traders added with a custom built black market in stary military tents.👀 Current custom area is neaf(will be adding more in the future). If you are looking for a new server to play on or a backup one please come check War Criminals out. Here is a link to the servers discord where you can find out more information about the sever and chat with current members and me.:) I hope to see you there!