Cabal Elements

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Sürüm Episode 8 Episode X Episode 26
Tür Mid Rate High Rate Pvp Pve Balanced
Konum Singapore
Son Güncelleme01 May 2021
Katılım Tarihi01 May 2021


Cabal Elements is a None - Profit Server that insures content quality for players to enjoy. With fully funded services and a respectable No Gear Donation policy we will insure players will have the greatest Cabal Experience.

Server Contents: 

Server Contents:

Flag War

Capsule Quest (Take your Questing to a whole new lvl)

Daily Events

Bind/Unbin (via Website)

Monthly Changing Battle Pass

Newbie Kit

Upgrade/Exchange Gear to the next level

Dash/Fade Combo

Newest Wings/Costumes (Animated)

No - EPIC/OP Accesories

New World Boss in Each Map


AP/DP Storagee (via Website)

Premium Service Activator

Online Prizes

Seasonal Events

BM 2 Macro

PA/PD System

Premium Service (Max Saphire)