Aion Effect 4.6

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Sürüm 4.6
Tür New server Open Beta testing
Son Güncelleme07 Dec 2021
Katılım Tarihi27 Nov 2021


Aion Effect 4.6

Welcome, dear friends!
The Aion Effect team presents a new hot server and unique gaming experience that will impress you! This game server is based on the retail client and focused on multilingual audience. High-quality gameplay with author’s add-ons
is waiting for you, especially:

  • x1 rates;
  • 4.6 game  version;
  • This server is based on the retail client;
  • Weekly and seasonal tournaments with real money prizes;
  • Achievements system (complete tasks from your personal account and get rewards);
  • The best players of the server receive gifts every month;
  • Built-in proxy servers with further upgrade to VPN;
  • Daevanion equipment for a comfortable start;
  • Separate location for duels;
  • Appearance from the high versions;
  • Editable FoV;
  • Regular events;
  • Bonuses for staying online.

Aion Effect is waiting for each of you!