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Sürüm 4.7.5
Tür Auto Learn Skill Custom PvP System Custom Reward System
Konum Germany
Son Güncelleme19 Nov 2023
Katılım Tarihi06 Jan 2019


Low-Midrate [WEST Siel]

All Classes Available
Starter Pakets for Lvl 25,35,45,55 and 65

Item & Glorypoints Online Bonus
Daily GloryPoints Reduction implemented
Housing completely implemented

All Instances 60 min Cooldown
Unique System Custom

No Instance lvl Requirements
Feather Enchanting Available
Accesory Enchanting Available
Item Evolution Available [NEW]

Item Identification Available
Decomposable System Available
New Dropsystem on all Maps

Enchanting Animation times reduced
Many Event NPCs Spawned
Geodata available on all maps

.help show all Ingame Commands
Webshop System
Website Ticket System
Website Userpanel
Website Online Time Exchange
Website Referral System



Exp: Progressive x1 - x5
Grp.Exp: |Progressive x2 - x6|
Kinah: |x5|
Drop: |x5|
Quest: |Progressive x1 - x5|
Manastones: 70%
Enchant: 50%
Tempering: 80%
-Weekend Server-Rates-

Exp: |Progressive x2 - x6|
Grp.Exp: |Progressive x3 - x7|
Kinah: |x6|
Drop: |x6|
Quest: |Progressive x2 - x6|
Manastones: 70%
Enchant: 50%
Tempering: 80%
Rates for Mobs [MaxHP]
Junk Mobs Health: <|x1.1|>
Normal Mobs Health: <|x1.2|>
Elite Mobs Health: <|x1.3|>
Hero Mobs Health: <|x1.4|>
Legendary Mobs Health: <|x1.5|>
Rates for Mobs [Power]
Junk Mobs Power: <|x1.1|>
Normal Mobs Power: <|x1.2|>
Elite Mobs Power: <|x1.3|>
Hero Mobs Power: <|x1.4|>
Legendary Mobs Power: <|x1.5|>