Evolve Classless NGE

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Website swgevolve.com
Discord Discord
Version An Empire Divided Rage of the Wookiees Jump to Lightspeed Trials of ObiWan
Type Custom Content Events Jedi Enabled Pvp Pve
Last Update31 Jan 2024
Join Date31 Jan 2024


Evolve Classless NGE

SWG Evolve is a classless version of NGE where you have the freedom to choose your own path. We've strived to provide you with the SWG Experience you deserve while preserving the fun aspects of the NGE. 

Our main goal is balanced engaging game play, unique content and quality of life improvements that allow our players to enjoy Star Wars Galaxies in an exciting and new way.


  • Active staff, and very frequent updates, bug fixes, and lots of future content plans
  • Increased Experience rates
  • Daily Login Tokens to spend on vet rewards (no longer do you have to wait to receive all the good stuff)
  • an opt-in Bounty Hunting system separate from the standard one that also remains
  • crafting jewelry
  • Jedi is an unlocked profession again. The path of a Jedi is unique and should give you a sense of accomplishment
  • Force Rank System
  • New playable species
  • Tons of QoL enhancements
  • Seasonal Events (Ewok Festival, Empire Day, Moon Festival, Life day ect)
  • Staff run events are very frequent

Quality of Life:

  • 20 Lots per character
  • 7 characters + 1 unlock slot if you choose to unlock jedi
  • 160 inventory slots, standard backpacks 80 Slots, Heroic backpacks100 Slots
  • Too many more to list
  • emphasis on anti-afk measures (everything you do ATK has a positive impact on your progression, loot, and general gameplay experience)


Evolve is a sanctuary for the downtrodden. We fundamentally believe that the past should stay in the past, and an opportunity to start anew. 

Toxicity and trolling are heavily discouraged