[718] Velheim - RELEASED 27 SKILLING PETS!


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All RS3 skilling pets - Full Divination with Divine locations - Hooded Skillcapes and Completionist capes - All latest RS3 updates - Full Dungeoneering with 60 floors - Full Construction, even Dungeons & Servants - Full Slayer with 7 Masters - Full Prifddinas city - Loads of Daily activities

Change Logs
21 Jan 2018

Agility -

Fixed Taverley dungeon's strange floor shortcut.

Construction -

Estate Agent's right-click redecorate option can now be used for quick-redecorating;
Protean Planks from Squeal of Fortune can now be used to build furniture in your house;
Trying to build furniture with not enough resources will now tell you exactly what you're missing;
Re-worked the Construction shop to only have 100 of each plank since non-ironmen may buy them off of the Grand Exchange and ironmen will be forced to use either the make-plank Lunar spell, take their logs to the Sawmill Operator or use them with a portable sawmill. Also significantly increased shop item prices;
The Sawmill operator in Lumberyard can now be used to convert logs into planks. He also has his full dialogue and his very own shop.

Crafting -

Soda ash and Buckets of sand can now be crafted together in a furnace to make Molten glass;
You can now fill your buckets up with sand;
All unfinished amulets can now be combined with balls of wool to string them.

Dungeoneering -

Fletching items will no longer go to your bank if full inventory and the action will stop there;
Bosses will now have a high chance of dropping a random item to the player that dealt the most damage;
The Poltergeist puzzle room should now be functional (I couldn't test since it'd take too much time to actually get that room, so tell me how that goes);
The Sliding puzzle tiles room should now be functional.

Farming -

Fixed harvesting experience for all allotments, herbs and flower patches.

Fletching -

Fixed the message formatting when making unstrung bows;
Fixed the Daily challenge counter;
The game will now tell you what ingredients you're missing instead of doing nothing.

Grand Exchange -

Increased clean and grimy herb prices;
Item box set prices will now be calculated based off of their component prices.

Herblore -

Added a Herblore secondaries store at the ::shops area.

Magic -

Added Lunar spells:

Bake pie,
Cure plant,
Cure other,
Cure me,
Hunter kit (these are openable for starter items),
Cure group,
Superglass make,
String jewellery,
Make leather,
Fertile soil.

Squeal of Fortune -

Drastically increased rare and very rare item rewards.

Ultimate Ironman -

Introducing the new game-mode as was suggested by Yum! This game-mode is a self-sufficient, no trading ironman, with a twist.. they can NOT use their Banks. Ultimate ironmen will have their own separate hiscores, a white (silver'ish) ironman symbol next to their name and their own loyalty title to activate.

Miscellaneous -

Removed skin color customization as the Make-Over Mage is capable of doing that for you;
Added a bank chest at the ::shops area;
Fixed a bug where resizing your client would 'null' all on-screen interfaces;
Money Pouch withdraw/deposit messages will now be filtered if the amount is below 1'000'000 to avoid spam (this only applies if you've set your game to filter messages);
The ::Perks interface is a lot more smoother and faster now. It also color-formats your (un)locked perks in (green)red on the left side for easier understanding.

23 Jan 2018

Agility - 

Fixed the last obstacle not giving you the full lap bonus;
Slightly improved some obstacles for better user interaction;
Near-perfected the Gnome Agility course with new animations and distance checking tasks.

Divination - 

Divine location gather limit and divine location creation limit will now reset when the server hits midnight time (next day);
You can now make a one-time unlock for every energy type to permanently boost your Divination experience by 10% when harvesting or converting that particular energy type;
Chronicle Fragments will now appear in a 3x3 area around you rather than under you;
Elder wisps can now be gathered at the Elder Halls, converted, and weaved into one of the Divine Simulacrum locations.

Dungeoneering - 

Slightly reduced the token rewards for finishing dungeons to balance level/token ratio (based on some player feedbacks);
Trying to Runecraft with a lower level than required will now display what level you need;
Fixed an issue with staff imbuesion not actually giving you the imbued version;
Fixed issues with not being able to teleport via Gatestone & Dungeon Home teleports;
Fixed not being able to throw Vile fish on tiles in the Ferret puzzle room;
Ironmen can no longer join parties nor invite other players to theirs.

Runespan - 

Points gathered while siphoning will now properly save upon relog and display on top left of the screen;
Teleporting away using any kind of custom teleportation method will first take you to the Wizards guild instead of straight putting you in the location you were trying to go to;
Populated the second and third floors with more creatures to siphon from.

Teleportation - 

Clicking on a skill in the skills tab will now pop-up an option dialogue from which you'll be able to choose a location to teleport to;
Teleport panel's (Quest Tab) 'Skilling' button will now bring up an option dialogue to teleport either to ANY of the 11 Divination locations or Invention (which is currently only a place-holder, the Invention skill is still under development, so stay tuned for that!);
Removed Dungeoneering from Mini-game options and moved it to the skills tab.

Squeal  of Fortune  -

Ironmen (any type) will no longer see the Squeal of Fortune tab since they can't use it in the first place;
Slightly reduced the rare reward chances (trying to balance it at this point, they're now in between of how rare they were before and how common they became when I buffed them).

Magic -

You will no longer be able to use staves or wands for melee attacks.

Warriors Guild -

Fixed combat tokens crumbling away on every game tick issue;
Added a lot of dialogues to the NPC's in the area.

Well of Goodwill -

The amount needed to fill the well changed from 50m to 20m;
Boost time changed from 2 to 3 hours.

Woodcutting -

Elder trees can now be chopped for Elder logs. Their random life span is ~30 logs per tree and once cut down their respawn time is 10 minutes.

Miscellaneous -

A lot of ladders leading up without a proper destination should now be blocked (if the player can move on the destination tile then this will not apply and I will have to hard-code every ladder/staircase manually);
Added box traps to the Hunting supplies store;
Cooking Ranges can now be left-clicked for that much quicker access;
You can now right-click - Enchant - on Pikkupstix to quickly enchant all helmets in your inventory;
Added a Spirit tree besides all Slayer masters for quick miscellaneous teleport destinations;
The level-up chat box dialogue will now only pop-up for levels 60 and higher;
Leveling up more than one level at a time will now properly increment the game message telling you how many levels you've gained;
Fixed the Hiscores not saving properly on our website;
Fixed a couple Ultimate ironman issues, ie. experience rates, squeal of fortune, trading, shops.

08 Feb 2018

I'm very sorry on the long wait guys, I know you've been eager to get new content and fixes for a while now since I've been posting these teasers on our Discord channel. Though, here they are - I hope it was worth the long wait !

Dagannoth Kings

The Kings have been given a make-over by updating them to RS3's standards;
Fixed their drop-tables;
Updated animations;
Made ranger/mager only attack a single target rather than everyone in the room;
Force target finding distance changed from 64 to 5, meaning you'll be able to solo them one at a time;
Corrected damage output (the mager previously had a max hit cap of 900 on its calculations).

Cache Update

Updated cache to support all the newest items that got released with an RS3 update on 6th of February (read about it here);
Client re-download will not be needed as the revision didn't go up, though the cache will update all its new keys for you and most likely will not load the map (did for me). Will be a fast one since it only needs to update the missing parts!
Added 2 new donator icons to the sprites index.


Added ;;topic topic_id to quickly open up our forums with the given topic ID;
Added ;;feedback to open the Feedback section on our website;
Added ;;survey to open the current running survey (Google Surveys);
The ;;priff command is now only available to players who own the Mellon perk (as it was intentionally made like that) Everyone else with the required total level should speak to Elf Hermit at home.

Currency Pouch & Elite skill outfit fragments

     Obtaining Elite skill outfit fragments - you must be training the appropriate skill (for example, if you want to earn Shark outfit fragments you must be training Fishing). If you've opted in to collect fragments and have the required levels, you will earn 90-111 fragments every 5 minutes. If you're level 99 in the skill, you earn double fragments. If you've achieved enough XP for virtual level 120 in the skill, you earn triple fragments. If you're 200m EXP in the skill then you earn quadruple the amount of fragments. There is a 1/2,500 chance to obtain 3600 elite outfit fragments regardless of your level.


To support these I've added a Currency pouch/bank/management sort if thing (similar to how Auras are handled) by replacing the PvP teleport button (as I don't quite see it needed at this moment) so you could store all of these in sort of a pouch (very beneficial for ultimate iron-men).


You can obtain one of these fragments for the skilling outfits:

Mining - Gemstone golem fragments;
Fishing - Shark fragments;
Runecrafting - Rune Ethereal fragments;
Divination - Divination fragments.
To make the skilling outfits you'll have to visit any of the 7 Inventor's workbenches around Velheim and use the manufacture option.
All of these outfits are combinable into an elite version, and provide the same effects & bonuses RS3 has to offer!

Donator Ranks

  Introducing 2 new ranks based on the last survey results (thanks to Ahoy).

     Red Topaz ($5) -

A pink star next to your name;
Ability to use the Topaz loyalty title;
Build an extra 3 rooms in your POH (Construction).
This rank will not be able to teleport to the Donator zone nor use the ;;yell command.

     Onyx ($1000) -

A black star next to your name;
Ability to use the Onyx loyalty title;
Build an extra 7 rooms in your POH (Construction);
Ability to kill the Bork freely instead of every hour;
Create a maximum of 7 divine locations per day instead of 3;
Participate in killing the Evil tree 7 times per day instead of 4;
Extra 2 daily Squeal of Fortune spins (total of 5).

Fight Kiln

Changed all NPC death times to a static 2 ticks;


Will no longer forcibly be aggressive towards you;
All pickaxes now work anywhere on your character (tool-belt, equipment, inventory);
Changed break time to be dynamic based on the best pickaxe you have (Crystal pickaxe = 1 hit).

Gemstone Dragons

You can now access these end-game Slayer dragons via the combat teleport interface - dragons section.

You'll need to be on a Slayer task of:

Dragon-stone dragon (level 95 Slayer)
Onyx dragon (level 98 Slayer)
Hydrix dragon (level 99 Slayer (will be increased to 101 after Slayer expansion update))
to be able to fight them.. OR, you can pay Kelhar:

Uncut dragon-stones
Uncut onyxes
Incomplete hydrixes
 - for limited kills in the dungeon (limiting on the type of gems you give him).

These dragons each drop parts of the new tier 80 hybrid Gemstone armor that can be attuned to an effect that will trigger while Ranging with any bolts and can be charged with uncut gems corresponding to that effect.




Re-wrote a lot of code to be able to make further changes and is now flexible;
NPC's and Players now have separate hit-points restore mechanisms.
Will no longer restore if accept aid is off;
You will now properly restore hit-points at safe areas.

Kal'gerion Demons

     Kal'gerion demons can be assigned as a Slayer task by Kuradal or Morvran, to players with at least level 90 Slayer, but this is not required to kill them normally.


They can be found in:

Demonic Ruins (Wilderness)
Kal'gerion resource dungeon, within the Daemonheim peninsula

These demons have their own unique drops, consisting of:

Kal'gerion demon commendation - used to unlock 5 titles (read about them here);
Demon Slayer armor pieces (read about these here);
Demon Slayer crossbows (read about them here).


Fixed an issue with examine drop-tables not displaying all items as well as made our drop tools work with all of the newest RS3 items (the list would previously only support item ID's going up to 32'767 (JAVA short);
Since I know you guys love fighting dragons so much, Velheim now has its own teleport interface dedicated to all the dragons (useful/unreachable ones at least). You'll find it by trying to teleport to any combat-related location;
Fixed various slayer kills not rewarding experience and showing as "null";
You'll now get stunned for 5 seconds when getting caught in Prifddinas while pick-pocketing;
In-game vote hiscores will now properly calculate everyone and will start displaying player names on the interface (everyone's counters will be at 0);
Various activities check for if you have the proper item on your character or not (such as Evil tree kindling's, Chronicle fragments) and these item checks were ignoring bank item amounts, so if you had at least 1 chronicle fragment in your bank, for example, harvesting wisps would no longer spawn any new chronicles. This has been fixed since then;
Various core and packaging changes/improvements - let me know if something doesn't work/start!

NPC Aggressiveness

NPC's will no longer switch between targets in multi-target areas (including instanced boss rooms) so one player on your team could potentially be the 'tank';
Your Familiars will now automatically auto-attack any targets that attack you while in multi-way combat areas;
Fixed an issue were having auto retaliate enabled would cause NPC's to forcibly become aggressive towards you in non-multi-way combat areas.

Pest Control Isle

The map area has been updated with all NPC spawns to match RS3's update;
You can now board the boats to start the Pest Control mini-game;
Updated a few minors inside the mini-game since that map was updated as well.

Resource Dungeons

Resource Dungeons have been slightly improved (code-wise);
Edimmu Resource dungeon is now an actual resource dungeon and you'll be given experience now for entering it for the first time;
Added a new Dungeon: Kal'gerion dungeon (named as Daemonheim Peninsula 2, level 90 Dungeoneering required).

Skillcape Perks

     Finally huh? I've skipped the cape perks that provide to unexisting content.

Attack cape - 2% chance that your degradable's won't degrade;
Constitution cape - double hit-points restoring (assuming accept aid is on);
Construction cape - 10% cheaper logs -> planks conversion;
Cooking cape - cooking food will never burn them;
Crafting cape - crafting leather no longer requires thread;
Defence cape - acts as an infinite Ring of Life (15 minute cool-down);
Divination cape - as there was no solid information on the Wikipedia, while weaving energy there's a 10% chance to save 1/3 of resources;
Dungeoneering cape - ability to teleport directly to any existing resource dungeon;
Farming cape - as there was no solid information on the Wikipedia, while harvesting your produce there's a 10% chance to harvest all crops at once (comes in noted form);
Firemaking cape - can use it to make elder log fires every minute (with no experience/ashes);
Fishing cape - as there was no solid information on the Wikipedia, while fishing there's a 10% chance to catch an extra fish with no experience given;
Fletching cape - 5% chance to automatically string a bow when making unfinished bows;
Herblore cape - The cape's perk instantly cleans all grimy herbs in your inventory. No experience will be gained for doing this;
Magic cape - ability to change your spell-book remotely at safe zones;
Mining cape - provides a +2 invisible Mining level bonus;
Prayer cape - provides the effect of having two lit incense burners without having to light them, when offering bones on an altar in a player-owned house;
Slayer cape - provides the ability to teleport to all Slayer Masters;
Smithing cape - provides the effect of having the goldsmith gauntlets equipped;
Summoning cape - as there was no solid information on the Wikipedia, while infusing pouches there's a 10% chance that your charms will not be used;
Thieving cape - reduces the duration you are stunned for when caught thieving by half;
Woodcutting cape - increased chance of receiving a bird's nest.
Wearing a Max, Completionist or Trimmed Completionist capes will override these settings and provide all skill-cape perks!