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Версия Vanilla Classic 1.2 Vanilla
Тип Classic Blizzlike Dungeons Raids PVE RP New Launch 2023 Vanilla
Расположение Germany
Последнее обновление13 Feb 2023
Дата регистрации17 Jan 2023


Our brand new WoW server with patch 1.2 (2004). Secrets of Maraudon are now Live!

In 2004 a game came out that really got us excited. It was World of Warcraft: A Game that got us hooked, downright addictive. Together with friends and other players that we met in the game, we explored the big wide world of Azeroth. We have experienced many adventures, laughed a lot and are almost desperate on one or the other quest.

Real WoW vanilla gameplay on Nightsong
Wouldn't it be possible to create an old server that is there for the community to play their beloved World of Warcraft? A time when there are no port stones and we finally have the old talent trees back? Relive the real World of Warcraft and immerse yourself in long-forgotten adventures, far before Naxxramas. Play from patch 1.2 to 1.12 and relive World of Warcraft!

Maximum level level 60
old talent trees
old raid quests
Events (Angel Event, Hallow's Night, Children's Festival and much more)
Ingame support
Languages: German and English
Patch 1.2 status
Secure connection

No form of pay2win
No donation options
character management
PVE & PVP Realm
2GiB connection
High performance
Patches do not require additional clients or downloads