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Версия 3.3.5a
Тип Arenas Battlegrounds Funserver Progression No Lag High Rates Low Rates Custom Instant 80
Последнее обновление01 May 2022
Дата регистрации05 Jun 2021



  • Removed cooldown on Minor Inscription Research.
  • Removed cooldown on Northrend Inscription Research.
  • Reduced Improved Tree of Life's armor effect to 5/10/15% from 67/133/200%
  • Mangle(Bear) now useable in Bear Form.
  • Created 120 new gems that modify ability by 2-5%.
  • Everyone has Dual Wield now.

The UPDATE and new PATCH with the following EVENTS in game.

Every character will receive 200 tomes of oblivion (+10 for weekend level cap increase event).
Every CURRENT character will be offered a special custom mount and instant level 59 (If you choose it).


  • Able to see if a ability is disabled.
  • Able to see how much each talent/ability cost to learn.
  • Able to see the next rank of a talent when learning it.
  • Talents will now properly unlearn when removed.
  • Some talents have reduced ranks.
  • A few talents have removed effects.
  • Talent related abilities are now normal abilities and removed from talent trees.
  • Increased cost of some abilities.
  • Improved spellbook categories.
  • Everyone gets a revive (Includes Pet Revive).
  • Removed Totem requirements from all totem related abilities.
  • Added missing spells (Healing Touch/Etc).

Later on we will add a full changelog update of all changes. It will be a lot to read but this post is the generalized version. Please be sure to update your patch C or else a lot of the visual changes will not show up for you!

See Discord for details.



Our team had working on a new server for the few months and we finished the first phase of it. When we are certain it is stable we'll release our first realm. These are the currently confirmed features for the new realm.
  • Our own new Classless System
  • Our Updated Custom Patch
  • Transmog System
  • MoP to BFA Models (Some Shadowlands)
  • Progression Based (Level Cap 80 Later On)
  • Cross Faction
  • Instant Flight Paths
  • Proper In-game Store
  • New Website
  • New Launcher
  • Grouping/Guilds/Battlegrounds
  • Dungeon Finder
  • Custom Races
  • Instant Flight Paths
  • Transmog System Model
  • Updates for Mobs/Players/Items
  • Flexible Experience Rates(1-3)
  • Updated Item
  • Stats for Classless
  • Useful Crafted Items from Professions

Level cap at the moment is 59 and will increase every 3 to 4 weeks or longer depending on player feedback. These are the working features we will offer on release. We have plans to build a 255 Fun realm that'll be based off of this one in the future. This realm will still be around and playable for those of you who prefer a more blizzlike experience though.moment we're working on finishing the patch update and adding most of our custom features and systems we've added over the years. No ETA on the release just yet but very soon! You can ask any questions you may have in our feedback. Please note that we may not answer them all as we don't want to release too many details just yet