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Версия 3.3.5 3.3.5a
Тип Crossfaction Voting Rewards Custom Transmogrifier Custom Items Scripted Raids
Расположение Germany
Последнее обновление15 Jan 2024
Дата регистрации04 Dec 2020


We are excited to introduce our unique server to you. WoWZull worlds offer an immersive experience in the WotLK 3.3.5a+ world. We are constantly working to improve the game's quality and ensure server stability. Join us and dive into a nostalgic journey through Azeroth with our active community. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to welcoming you to our world!



We are offering several custom races, fully featured with racial spells and abilities:

Void Elves

On WoWZull, you can have any class on any race. Ever wanted to play a Tauren rogue? Now you can!


x1-x10 Experience rates you can set yourself
x3 Profession rates
x10 Reputation rates


On WoWZull, you can run 5 player instances solo! This provides a great way to accelerate your leveling, allows you to play just with your friends and skips the annoying wait for a group to be found.

On our server, raids scale down in difficulty to a certain number of players. This makes gathering a "large enough" raiding party a breeze! The minimum scaling difficulty for 10 player raids is 6 and for 25 player raids you only need to find at least 12 raid members.


In a painstaking process, almost every single model and texture in the game has been updated to drastically improved versions - all while still retaining high performance.

***...AND LOTS MORE!***

4 professions per character instead of the normal 2
Paragon system to keep improving your character and stats long after you hit Level 80
NO Pay2Win!
DDoS and anti-cheat protection
Cross faction - play with your Horde friends while playing as Alliance: also works in raids!
Mounts are shared for the entire account
Active and fast support for any problems

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