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Тип Strategy No Bugs Travian 6 Tribes 4 Gods
Расположение Italy
Последнее обновление25 Mar 2024
Дата регистрации07 Feb 2023


6 Tribù e 4 Deità verso la Meraviglia del mondo. Gioco serio a 4X per veri sfidanti!
Gioco in Italiano.
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6 Tribes and 4 Gods to the Wonder of the World. Serious 4X play for real challengers!
Game in Italian language.

Game for Experts only! 15X Speed No need to run! You need to be bold! 6 Tribes supported by 4 Deities are waiting for you! Medieval War in progress or Trade and growth? If you want to have fun and grow in the meantime, this is the right environment for you. Travland Legends. NEXT START, SATURDAY 30 MARCH!