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Последнее обновление23 Nov 2022
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The latest primitive-only, medieval-era based Rust server, bringing you the best features Rust has to offer. Do you enjoy primitive servers but struggle to find the right one? Look no further.

Featuring :

→ Custom 6k map.

→ A modified 0.5x gather rate, allowing players to grind and be rewarded for time spent in-game which can be scaleable through many various ways.

→ Gathering clothing sets, allowing for up to 100% gather bonuses in their respective skills, when all 3 pieces are worn.

→ Primitive weapons only. No modern weaponry, armor, electricity or assets.

→ True open-world combat. No safezones.

→ Disabled tech tree.

→ Crafting GUIs allowing for the higher tier and more rare assets to be crafted with various different required materials.

→ Nobility Ranks earned by playtime.

→ Ancient artifacts ranging from swords, to cloaks, that offer various stat % bonuses and gather rates.

→ Foundation limited to playtime nobility Rank.

→ Catapult and ballistae allowing for more medieval content.

→ Skill tree. Over 80 different buffs to be earned by unlocking various skills and talents.

→ Optimized server providing the least lag and delay possible. Hosted in Canada.

→ Modified horse statistics offering better transport, and mobility across a treaturous map.

→ Castles, villages and other medieval structures allowing players of all skill levels and types to enjoy the server. Whether it's RP, PVE, PVP, Clans, or Castle sieges, there's room for everyone.

→ Clans. Up to 15 members each w/ 3 Clan Moderators, with gather bonuses and other Clan-based features.

→ Monthly wipes on force day.

→ Auto-lit lanterns and other placeables, lighting up your base automatically at night, and turning them off in the day.

→ Modified player-player damage, player-base damage, and reduced fall, heat, and cold damage.

Server Address : client.connect

Discord Server :