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Сайт ikadia.org
Discord Discord
Версия 667 718
Тип Custom Interfaces Custom Content 2011 Stylish Server
Расположение Netherlands
Последнее обновление30 Jan 2023
Дата регистрации26 Jan 2022


"Ikadia is a 718 Loading OSRS data & 685 models dedicated to providing a fun mix between RS2 and OSRS. Ikadia will be a server driven by community input using content polls to determine the scope of content and game play. We have learned a lot in our past projects and one thing that has always stuck out above the rest, is the important of considering your communities wants & needs, This is our rendition of how a perfect server would look like and providing you an awesome server to capture the best of RS2 and OSRS!"

- Supports 24 Skills; incl. Dungeoneering, Construction & Summoning.
- Supports 6 Game Modes; Easy, Normal & Elite, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman & Ultimate Ironman with its unique droprates
- Professional Custom Interfaces
- Over 30+ Bosses
- Complete Slayer Tasks With Duo Slayer Support
- Over 10k+ NPC Configurations Working
- 300+ Coded Shops All Around The Map
- Full Dominion Tower
- Warrior Guild
- Puro-Puro
- Functional Castle Wars
- Unique loyalty programme
- Full Character Customization
- 685 Item Looks
- 667 Look-and-feel interfaces
- Kiln & Fight Caves
- Squeal Of Fortune
- Potion Timers
- Event Bosses
- All Teleport Methods (EG. Lodestones, Fairy Rings etc.)
- Sorceress's Garden
- Grand Exchange
- Shift dropping, ground item overlays, npc hovers & player display hovers
- Wilderness Activities - From pking to pvm to skilling.

OSRS Content:
- The Inferno
- Alchemical Hydra's
- Abyssal Sire
- Zulrah
- Demonic Gorilla's
- Cerberus
- Vorkath
- Vet'ion
- Scorpia
- Venenatis
- Crazy Archeologist
- Chaos Fanatic
- Callisto
- Kraken
- Superior Slayer Creatures
& more!