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Версия 317
Тип Active Boss Pets Bosses Skilling Achievements Eco Active staff Dicing Mature Staff Giveaways
United States
Последнее обновление04 Jun 2021
Дата регистрации17 Mar 2021


Akuchi is New and Upcoming semi-custom server focused on an OSRS 317 revision base and source with the aim of providing New, Fun, and Creative Content to its players.

Here are some of Akuchi's Features:

 - Over 25+ bosses to fight.
 - Daily events and Bonus Exp Weekends!
 - Donator and AFK zones!
 - Custom Titles and Achievement Diaries
 - Full Crystal Cave with Hunnlef Boss.
 - Active PVP with Wildy slayer, Wildy Events, and a fully working Rev Caves!
 - Fully Working Chambers of Xeric!
 - Skilling Island and plenty of ways to grind your 99's
 - Lots of enjoyable and Challenging Minigames like Barrows, Fight caves, Inferno, and more!
 - A  great staff team dedicated to helping you get the best experience out of Akuchi!
 - All types of iron man available, custom drop rates!
 - Earn PVM and Skilling points to spend in our Point Shops!
 - And Much Much More!

To sign up for free or for more information, please go to http://akuchips.com/