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Сайт Сайт
Discord Discord
Версия Pre Renewal
Тип Mid Rate Active GMs Balanced Classic Events Friendly GMs Rpg WoE Trans Class Newbie Friendly
Hong Kong
Последнее обновление27 Sep 2020
Дата регистрации27 Sep 2020

сервер Информация

Official Release Date - July 18, 2020

💎Website :
💎Register Link :
Server Rates
👉50x Base Experience
👉50x Job Experience
👉50x Drop Rates
👉100x Normal Card | 50x Normal Equips
👉5x Mini-MvP Cards | MvP Cards
👉Modified Drop Rates on Rare Equipments
Basic Information
👉Episode 14.1 - Bitfrost
👉Pre Renewal Transcendent
👉Max Levels: 99 (Base) and 70 (Job)
👉Max Stats: 99
👉Instant Cast: 150 Dex
👉Max Storage: 600
👉Max Guild Storage: 300
👉Max Zeny: 2,000,000,000
👉Server Timezone: GMT + 8
👉Main Language: English/Filipino
👉Max guild size: 17
👉Max character slots per account: 12

Game Information
👉Multi-client: Enabled
👉Host: Hongkong Based (with LA Proxy)
👉Gepard Shield Protected (Full version)
👉DDoS Protected Server
Available Commands
👉rates, refresh, iteminfo, noask, storage, go, aloottype, alootid, time, whereis, whodrops, commands, request, autoloot, mobinfo, dicebet, acceptdb, declinedb, resetdb, check, relog, collectreward, dailyreward, collectdaily, nextreward, extradrops, changegm. hominfo, homstats, deletecharacter.
Other Features:
🎥 Streamer Program and giveaways!
✔️Zeny based server
✔️Hourly Rewards ( Hourly Point system )
✔️No Slot in Lower Headgear Equips
✔️Custom Items are only costumes without added stats (Balanced to fit in our Server)
✔️5 Minutes Emergency Call Cool Down
✔️Quest Shop with lots of Headgears
✔️9 Automated Events
✔️Questboard for Hunting and Collection Quest
✔️Floating Rates
✔️Skull Trader
✔️Private MVP Room
✔️Emperium Break Test
✔️Damage Test Dummy with parameters
✔️Endless Tower Activated
✔️Max upgrade +10
✔️Guild Package
✔️Lotti Machine ( Soon! )