Azure Reborn

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Discord Discord 152
Версия 1.5.3
Тип Free To Play Max Lvl 105 Medium Rates x6 No Hypers GM Events
Расположение France
Последнее обновление30 Apr 2023
Дата регистрации26 Sep 2019


Azure Reborn

Join Azure Reborn now!
We have just released our successor to a super successful and 3+ year long standing server Azure Classic!
Enjoy faster but balanced leveling with permanent 6x rates for experience and NO HYPERS, 2x drops, spirit, and coin; r9r3 endgame.

Join the ever growing 3+ years community; fight for glory and for your own commemorative statue for every TW your guild wins!

There is more here then I could ever fit into this small text box so come to our discord and ask about anything!

See you there!
GM Core out!