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Сайт epicpw.com
Версия 1.5.5 Elysium
Тип High Rate PVP PVE Customs Max Lvl 150 Free To Play
Расположение United States
Последнее обновление14 Aug 2018
Дата регистрации18 Oct 2012


  Website   The most stable and balanced, constantly developed Perfect World private server with huge community and helpful staff.   - Full Eclipse Expansion - Duskblade and Stormbringer
- Nation Wars - all the latest PWI features customized in our own, unique way
Change Logs
29 Sep 2014
We have launched new version of our website, we hope you guys will like it!

EPIC PERFECT WORLD - Most ACTIVE and CUSTOM Perfect World servers, with active GMs, daily engaging PVP/PVE events, instant Lv. 150 and free gear! You can get your character ready for PVP in less than 30 min.

Regardless of whether you're a devoted PVPer or all you want to do is AFK in one of the cities, Epic Perfect World can do both! With plenty active factions and custom PVP/PVE events, there is no way you can ever get bored with us!

- Max level 150
- 12 classes
- PVP events every 2h
- USER PANEL: Free meridian / Inventory and bank extend / Delete old unused names without GM's help / Create guest password
- Custom Nightscream Island PVP non-stop event
- Weekly server update
- Active, experienced and proffessional GMs, 24/7 support
- Full models / Simple faces / Simple models / Show important player only / Only display your own model - Can instantly give you a big FPS boost!
- Simple elements / Auto optimization - Can instantly give you a big FPS boost!
- Custom design/inscriptions/name color/titles/UI
-  A lot of custom fashion, flyers, weapons, mounts and more
- Hundreds of active players
- Monthly factions rankings based on PVP kills.
- Fixed R8 gear/random stats R8 gear (useless stats have been removed) - Required items can be aquired by both donating and farming
- Flyhack. instacast skillsender and anticheat included
- Nation Wars, Sunset Valley, Homestead, New skills
- Unique vote rewards (pick up all, foe list - nemesis tracker)

Join us!