FASTMU S19 P3 X1000

Версия Season19 Part 2 3
Тип OPEN 22TH JUNE Farm RuudWC with RRGR
Расположение Canada
Последнее обновление21 Jun 2024
Дата регистрации25 Feb 2022


FASTMU S19 P3 X1000

FASTMU X1000 project with newest Season19 PART2-3 Version!
Play with us and Farm everything in-Game: Ruuds, Coins, Credits, GP, Items, EVERYTHING FARMABLE!
Join the Best Fast and Fun Server of MuOnline!

Version: Season 19 PART 2-3
Experience: x1000 (Normal & Master)
Reset Reward: 500 Points + 10 Coins + 1.000 GP + 500 Ruud + Freebies (Reset Information)
Grand Reset Reward (350 Resets): 2.500 Credit + 150.000 Ruud (Grand Reset Information)

Season18 Features:
- New Renewall of Dark Lord (Skills, Buffs, Shields)
- Remake of Horse & Raven (DL)
- 7th Earring Evolution (Earring of Verdant)
- 6th Mount Evolution (Leviathan)

Server Custom:
- Farm Credits, Coins, Ruud, GP everywhere for getting your Full KIT
- PvP & PvM nivelated for All Class
- Exclusive PvP & PvM Events for Active Players (Check Guides!)
- Vote Reward Working!