FASTMU S18 X1000

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Версия Season18 P2 2 OPEN 08 SEPTEMBER
Тип PvP Nivelated Freebies per RR Exclusive Systems
Расположение Canada
Последнее обновление08 Sep 2023
Дата регистрации25 Jun 2021


FASTMU S18 X1000

FASTMU X1000 project with newest Season18 PART2-2 Version!
Play with us and Farm everything in-Game: Ruuds, Coins, Credits, GP, Items, EVERYTHING FARMABLE!
Join the Best Fast and Fun Server of MuOnline!

Version: Season 18 PART 2-2
Experience: x1000 (Normal & Master)
Reset Reward: 500 Points + 10 Coins + 500 GP + 500 Ruud + Freebies (Reset Information)
Grand Reset Reward (1.000 Resets): 5.000 Credit + 500.000 Ruud (Grand Reset Information)

Season18 Features:
- New Character Illusion Knight
- Remake of Skills & Buff of Elf Character
- 6th Earring Evolution (Earring of Unity)
- 5th Mount Evolution (Giant Bear)

Server Custom:
- Farm Credits, Coins, Ruud, GP everywhere for getting your Full KIT
- PvP & PvM nivelated for All Class
- Exclusive PvP & PvM Events for Active Players (Check Guides!)
- Vote Reward Working!