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Версия season19
Тип custom ice wind hunt points resets Play2win play2earn pontuative exclusive igcn play2free
Расположение Brazil
Последнее обновление05 Jan 2024
Дата регистрации23 Sep 2020


WealthMu Season19

WealthMu Games Inc,

Are you looking for a server where the Administrators know what they are doing? A stable server on the latest official webzen update?

You have just found our newest server – WealthMu, whose goal is to have fun for all players.
Our first server will have capacity for 5000 Players connected simultaneously, in addition to a quality infrastructure, we have several customizations to avoid the repetitive process.

Our team of Administrators decided to invest in a unique and exclusive configuration, due to our personalized resources, we developed 2 career systems that will allow the player to earn completely free rewards, well enough talking and let's get to what really matters:


⚙ - Official settings (server – HARD)

  • Name: WealthMu (Osiris)
  • Server version: Season 19 (Update 1-3)
  • Experience: 50 ~ 1x (Career)
  • Drop rate: 40%
  • Resets:  250 resets
  • Type of resets: Punctuative
  • Bug Bless: Offline
  • Game Style: Play2Win, Play2Earn & Play2Free


🔥 – Season 18 Part 2-2 news

  • 💥 Character Renewal, introducing Combat Powert to Knight, Magic Gladiator, Rage Fighter and Slayer Classes
  • 💥 New Guardian: Ur and Ur(Rare)
  • 💥 6th mastery Earrings: Binding
  • 💥 New Bloody Tarkan map and Bloody Tarkan monsters
  • 💥 New Grade of muuns: Tempest
  • 💥 Daily SeasonPass missions and rewards: Free Pass, Gold Pass and Premium Pass | Voucher and Tickets
  • 💥 New Mastery horn mixes
  • 💥 Renewed Wings Chaos Mix Interface
  • 💥 Wing Vourcher Exchange system
  • 💥 Daily Characters creation limit
  • 💥 Renewed Wings Combinations

🔥 – Season 19 Part 1-2 news

  • 💥 Grow Lancer character renewal (reworked skill trees, new skills, combat power)
  • 💥 New Mastery equipment (9th) Apocalypse Weapons & shields
  • 💥 New Mastery(10th) Lightning (normal & ancient) equipment
  • 💥 New map & monsters: Tormenta Island
  • 💥 New excellent options for shields
  • 💥 New mixes for Mastery items
  • 💥 New Muuns (Grow Lancer)
  • 💥 Mastery level increased to 1200 (1600 total)

🔥 – Season 19 Part 1-3 news

  • 💥 All characters 5th Class and Quest
  • 💥 Ability core AKA 5th Enhancement - Tree
  • 💥 Ability Cards: DMG, Skill, Option and Elite
  • 💥 Extra damage type for characters: Nuke, Bolt and AoE
  • 💥 New attributes in character extended statistics window
  • 💥 Extra damage for monsters
  • 💥 5th Wings and Wings Core (Types)
  • 💥 Fusion Skills for all characters, combined effects of different skills with renewed visual Effects
  • 💥 Giants: Three types of improving moving speed robots
  • 💥 New mixes of the wings and cards

📜 – Our customizations

  • 💥 Ice Throne conquest – Battle between guilds held in Iceland (Official event map)
  • 💥 Blood war - Dungeon of the deep (Players x Players)
  • 💥 Scramble words - You can get special awards after answer the words.
  • 💥 The bounty merchant - You can get special awards after seek the bounty merchant.
  • 💥 Hunt Point (Hunter missions) - You can get increased your statistics after conclusion the missions in the hunt point system.
  • 💥 Monster Blessing box - You can get special awards and blessing after killed this monster. (Required 30 resets and Level 200 or high)
  • 💥 Invasions - Customized invasions, contain prizes in accessories, jewelry, boxes and ruud coins.
  • 💥 High Invasions - Customized invasions, contain prizes for accessories, jewelry, boxes, mount improvement items, feathers for creating level 5 wings, special boxes, special jewelry and ruuds.
  • 💥 Battle Pass - Internal battle pass system, possibility of different prizes according to battle pass level.
  • 💥 Beginner LevelUp - This system empowers server beginners, distributing specific rewards according to their progress within the game. (Note: This system can be activated or deactivated without prior notice, this is a system developed with the intention of encouraging new players and therefore it will not always remain active)
  • 💥 Career system - The career system allows the player to obtain rewards, coins, ruuds and extra points for completing his build.
  • 💥 Conversion socket system - The conversion system allows the Player to convert item sockets into ancient items, the converted items also contain excellent and exclusive options.
  • 💥 Illusion Temple League Event - The event consists of the same dynamics as conventional Illusion, however the dispute for classification is done through wars between guilds.

And more !

These are our main features, for complete information on all necessary customizations, events & other information, consult our community!
Remembering that you must have an active registration so that you can access all of our content.