Survival Squad SMP

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Тип Bedrock Survival SMP Multiplayer Survival Dedicated
Последнее обновление26 Sep 2023
Дата регистрации22 Sep 2023


Are you ready for an epic adventure in the world of Minecraft? Look no further! Join us on Survival Squad SMP, where the possibilities are endless! 🪓🌍

🏰 Features: ✨ Secure Spawn Area 🎁 Starter Kit 🌐 Waypoint Menu (Save up to 100 points on the map and teleport anytime!) 🌟 TP Request Menu (Teleport to your friends with ease!) 👑 Friendly Admins (Quick to assist and support our players!) 🌌 Random TP Station (Discover new lands at the Spawn!) 👥 Up to 50 Players Online Simultaneously! 💬 400+ Members on Discord!

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