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Статус Unknown
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Тип Pve Survival Multiplayer Survival SMP PvE Economy
Расположение United States
Последнее обновление28 Apr 2023
Дата регистрации25 Oct 2022


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We're here to connect people from all ages and backgrounds in a world where connections are dwindling. We work hard to create a toxic-free environment so you can feel at home and have fun playing the game within a safe community.

We are a community-driven, semi-vanilla server that excels at adding new, unique features without compromising the essential gameplay. We strive to be as open and communicative with our community as possible.

Some of our core features:

⏲ A ranking system based on playtime, with lots of perks to unlock!
🏬 Active and engaging economy with the ability to create player shops.
⚔ Mythic Dungeons, for all of your PvM needs!
🎨 ArtMap, allowing you to create custom 32x32 pixel-art!
🗺️ An expansive 30k x 30k block map, set in Hard mode, that never resets.
🗺️ The addition of monthly resource worlds for all of your mining and crafting needs!
⚰️ Graves that spawn at your death location.
🎣 Custom fishing plugin with fun, short competitions throughout the day!

And there will be much more to come!

We hope you'll soon become a part of our wonderful community!❤️