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Статус Unknown
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Версия 1.81.19 1.81.9
Тип Multiplayer Survival Survival Survival Op crossplay Safe Survival Team Survival java bedrock bestinnepal
Расположение Nepal
Последнее обновление22 Oct 2022
Дата регистрации09 Oct 2022


Hello every nepali daju bhai we are  happy to annouce the best survival server in nepal with lots of fun and compettions 

>SPAWN-Amazing spawn with four extra islands.

>VIP ZONE-An exclusive place with private access and a private DJ.

>PVP ZONE-Three types of envoys that give you furniture and op items, custom repair systemand custom monsters in the PvP zone.

>CRATESF-our rotating crates that have a loot of pricesclassified with common, rare, legendary.

>KITS PREVIEW-Place where players can preview VIP kit

>JOBS-Twelve custom unlockable user andcustom jobs system and job rewards .

>FARM-Go to our auto-regenerating farm to get some money to finance buying some exclusive weapons or things for you

>MINE-Four-level private mine with unlockable GUI, elevator system, monsters per level, epic food, countdown, auto-smelt, and paid access

>DUNGEON-Four-level dungeon with a countdown where you will fight the most powerful mobs in the game to obtain money, experience, parts of custom recipes, and paid acces

dj bar , quests / shop custom recepies and many more