Dusk Realms

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Сайт duskrealms.buycraft.net
Discord Discord
Статус Unknown
Последний PingMonitoring disabled
Версия 1.18.2
Тип Towny RPG Multiplayer Survival Survival Custom MiniGames Bosses Dungeons Custom Enchants Custom Mobs Custom Items
Расположение United Kingdom
Последнее обновление24 May 2022
Дата регистрации11 May 2022


Dusk Realms is a server built around creation and community, we value our players in every aspect, whether that be ideas, suggestions, questions... anything. We strive to bring our players the best experience and are always innovating new and exciting features. The server is fair at every level and there is always something for you to do no matter how you want to play!
At heart, this server is all about your character, you can develop skills, have jobs, create a town, and look extremely badass doing it thanks to our custom textures.
And don't worry! If custom textures aren't your thing, thanks to the power of NBT data, you can use all of Minecraft's Vanilla items to full affect still!

We are a server truly powered by the players, all donations are directly reinvested into more maps, more items, more everything. We love our players, and its clear to see why they love the server back.