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Статус Online
Последний Ping18 minutes 19 seconds ago
Версия 1.19.2
Тип Survival SMP Adventure PvE Achievements Economy Jobs ArtMap Semi Vanilla
Последнее обновление20 Apr 2023
Дата регистрации18 Oct 2021


We are Helix, a community based around our 1.19.2 SMP Minecraft server. We’re looking for new members who are ambitious, chill, fun & creative. If you want to participate in projects, are community minded & someone who enjoys playing minecraft for all that it is with others, then this server might be for you!

Currently we are on our Season 2 World with plenty of space for new and interesting builds. Perhaps you want to build a kingdom? A train system across the world? A fully automatic shopping center? Or maybe you want to add lore to the world? Whatever it is, we wont stop you (as long as its within our rules ofcourse!<3).

To keep our community safe & close we have an interview process set up, to see if you will be a good fit for Helix & everyone in it.
If you want to join our server, join our discord, create an interview & answer our 11 questions in as much detail as possible!

Once you have completed your interview, an interviewer will be with you as soon as they have time. Please do be patient as most of staff are very busy with college, uni or work.


Why might you want to join the server?
- We’re diverse, playing host to players from Hawaii to Singapore, cultivating a server that’s comfortable and with energy that allows players to play the game they like.
- Our people are creative, and this offers group building opportunities like The Nether Hub, Helix State Reformatory, Church of Bennis, Bacys & HLX-2048 Space Station.
- Features like ArtMap, Armor Stand Editor & Decorative Heads to allow everyone to bring their builds more to life.

Our server has:
- 24/7 Uptime.
- Professions, Guilds, Economy, Crates & Parkour.
- Building Competitions, Community Projects & Seasonal Events.
- Giveaways.
- 18+ Age Limit.

We hope to see you on the Server <3
- Dennis & The Staff Team

Join our Discord to apply.

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