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Статус Online
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Версия 1.19.2
Тип Survival Balanced Economy Custom Enchants Crates Player Ranks
United States
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Oakheart MC

Are you sick of servers with dictator staff? Do you ever feel like players aren't given a voice and feel ignored? Would you like to join a brand new community with a Player Council system that can influence real change on the server?

We are Oakheart - a survival server that promises you our absolute dedication to building the best community out there. We have the classic survival recipe of crates, economy, in-game ranks, homes... but also a bunch of gameplay twists that will spice up your community experience!

  • Player Council

    • We are implementing a Player Council (complete with a private council debate hall + Discord stage channel) which will debate on server suggestions, new Council membership, set up monthly player events and even evaluate staff performance!

  • Staff-built Spawn

    • We as a staff team built spawn ourselves, complete with lots of little secrets and areas for you to explore. Everything from the center tree, the houses, the mountains the rivers... We will be adding more and more little secrets to spawn as time goes by, so keep posted!

  • Over 15 Spawn NPC's, more to come!

    • You can make money by selling to spawn NPC's, but there are also secret NPC's all across spawn that offers special deals! Think Trolls under bridges, a secret librarian, a special merchant that appears once in a while with artifacts and special item deals...

  • Town Ranks

    • Our town system is interactive! You can progress through different ranks with different requirements, and by doing so Spawn NPC's move into your town; you can create your own playerhub, outside of spawn!

And there's more! Monthly planned events, vote parties, claims, crates, quest scrolls, player warps... everything you'd expect from a staple survival server.

We'll be waiting! You coming?

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