Tycoon Craft

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Статус Unknown
Последний PingMonitoring disabled
Версия 1.6.4
Тип pvp
United States
Последнее обновление26 Dec 2020
Дата регистрации29 Nov 2020


Welcome to Tycoon Craft! Tycoon Craft is an intense factions server with a strong emphasis on the economy within the server. Create a team, claim some land, mine resources, battle other factions, and become the most powerful faction on the server! Features: -Economy Create your own shop and trade resources -PVP -Factions -Online 24/7 -All chat and activity on the server is relayed into the server chat channel of our discord https://discord.gg/AkGx65Q4TU -Built out spawn point -Anything else you can think of! Our development team can create just about anything. We are a team of college students looking to expand. We create custom plugins for the server as well as tackle other developing challenges. Think you have what it takes? Apply at [email protected]