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Статус Online
Последний Ping17 minutes 58 seconds ago
Версия 1.12.2 Pixelmon Reforged 1.18
Тип Pixelmon Pixelmon Reforged Survival Economy Skyblock Op skyblock
United States
Последнее обновление02 Feb 2021
Дата регистрации07 Nov 2020


FantasyMC is a Minecraft network that strives to be unique, maintained, balanced, and fun. We currently have two gamemodes: Pixelmon and Skyblock! Our Pixelmon server uses 1.12.2 Pixelmon Reforged, a popular and well-known Pixelmon modpack. Pixelmon is played by YouTubers such as Headed, FastPots, and many more. Our Skyblock server allows versions from 1.8 to 1.16! Our Skyblock has loved features such as: - PayPal rewards ($100 per week!) - Envoy events - King of the Hill events - Custom enchantments - Daily rewards - Customizable islands - Revamped spawner system … and much more! Our entire network has many amazing features as well: - Online 24/7 - No server lag - Reliable and professional staff team - A tight-knit and friendly community You can connect to our network today by using the IP:!

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