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Discord Discord
IP-адрес сервера
Статус Unknown
Последний PingMonitoring disabled
Версия 1.16
Тип SMP Survival Vanilla Semi Vanilla Creative Community Economy Casual
Последнее обновление09 Apr 2021
Дата регистрации06 Oct 2019


Dynmap: http://map.tetrabear.xyz
Website: https://tetrabear.xyz
Subreddit: r/TetrabearMC
Instagram: https://instagram.com/tetrabearmc


Hello! We are a medium-sized survival server with a strong focus on building a close community. Our server recently had a world reset to make way for a new season with a fresh, brand new world! We've also made a lot of tweaks to the gameplay for this season that makes the game a lot tougher but also a lot more rewarding!

Our players usually focus on making great builds, participating in server events, trading in our player-driven economy, or just hanging out!

We also have a Discord and a subreddit r/TetrabearMC that serve as hubs for our community outside the server.

Come check out our world as well on our Dynmap.


To be whitelisted for the server, join our Discord! You'll find instructions on how to get in there: https://discord.gg/46AJcJ4dQP

Notable Gameplay Changes:

  • Instead of waiting for all players to sleep to skip the night, the night moves faster smoothly the more players sleep. The tick speed also speeds up during this, so your farms will have a better chance to grow!

  • Shulkers have limited respawns at end cities. No need to go out so far to get new shulker shells!

  • Hermitcraft datapack features such as the chance for the Ender Dragon to drop an Elytra, More Mob Heads, Armor Statues, Rotation Wrenches, Mob Silencing, and various crafting tweaks!

Server Features:

  • Two-way chat with in-game and our Discord! Make sure to join our discord server so you can chat with players even outside the game.

  • Emoji support in-game 😁. Enable server resource pack to view. List of usable emojis: https://github.com/RadBuilder/EmojiChat/wiki/Emojis

  • Anti-grief through action logging. All players are able to view the CoreProtect logs through the /inspect command. Chests can also be protected by right clicking (without sneaking) it with a sign.

  • A lot of hidden special features. Get to know the players to discover these!


  1. Be respectful to all players, their belongings, and their builds. Griefing and stealing will be dealt with accordingly.

  2. Be mindful of your language. Swearing is allowed, but offensive remarks and spam are discouraged.

  3. Be responsible with your play. Hacking and cheating are grounds for a ban.

There is a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy on all griefing, stealing, and hacking. Committing any of these will cause you to lose your membership without warning.

More detailed rules can be read on our subreddit or discord (which you should read if you want to be a member).