Sky Kingdoms

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Статус Online
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Версия 1.8.x 1.20.x
Тип Skywars Bedwars Skypvp Free Fly Free Ranks Bed Wars Cracked Minigames Skyblock Murder Mystery
Расположение United Kingdom
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Sky Kingdoms


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it is a awsome server, cuz i doesnt lag that much if u compare with other servers, its not a huge comunity, so u will recognize a lot of people. on discord is always someone responding you withing 3 min, so i got helped really fast, and they give simple but straight answers. my favorite is Skyblock minion, because u can earn money fast, and there are funny extra's like minions and an auction etc. one thing i doesnt like much is the update where the server is, because in Skyblock minion, the server is on 1.12, and i dont like 1.12 that much, so an update would be nice, for the rest 5 stars.


This is a GREAT server, it is skypvp, survival(my personal favorites) and many other games. If you play enough you can get rank and get better kits and item in servers for free, you can get pretty high ranked without spending money. If you want to buy rank upgrades or others the prices is not that bad at all. lots of other servers is much worse. There is 99% of the time an admin or staff online. It is a great Community! The discord server is also lots of great people and fast responses from staff. The server does not lag as much as others. The owner is a nice person, he helps you when u need help. Usually he replies in a day or two. (you cant expect more, he is a server owner) Over all it is a great server!


Sky Kingdoms is a great server. People should join Sky Kingdoms because they have different mode for different type of players, such as Survival, Skyblock, Factions and Skypvp. Survival and Skyblock are for players who likes casual gaming. While Factions and Skypvp are much more recommendable for players who are on the competitive side of gaming. But what also make Sky Kingdoms great are the staffs and mods, and the way they handle their rules. They are nice and approachable and though to some players they may come as overly strict, I see it as they are just determined to maintain order in their server. Overall, Sky Kingdoms is a great server, is for different type of players and has a great community and staff where everyone enjoy their time playing on it.


Hi, I am playing sky kingdoms for a year. On this server I most like Minions Sky Block, it is my favorite