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Статус Online
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Версия 1.8 1.14
Тип Survival Games TNTRun Bed Wars Skywars Murder Mystery Duels UHC SkyClash Housing Mega Walls
Расположение United States
Последнее обновление26 Apr 2021
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Come play any of our dozen custom-coded minigames on the Official Hypixel Minecraft Server!
Games available:* Blitz Survival Games* The Walls* Mega Walls* Quakecraft* TNTGames* Warlords* Cops and Crims* Paintball* VampireZ* Arena Brawl* The Arcade Games

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First Impressions:

Spawned in the Hub, able to locate the game hub through the compass. Games are fun to play with an active community. Each game is fast paced, wait times are short. If you die early, you can easily play another round shortly, or spectate. Right score overlay allows for users to identify their score, death, team, time limit, etc. Fun leveling and achievement system. Textbox can be distracting with a lot of chatter and name colors.  


How does the game hub overlay look?

Straightforward, inventory with following options: Game menu, profile, shop, collectables, emotes. Able to toggle player visibility for less lag.

Game menu - different game options. Hovering includes descriptions of each game.


Server Plugins?

The most of hypixel plugins are custom made. Includes Citizens, NoCheatPlus, Banker, and GUI  plugins. Hypixel hires its own developers to create these custom plugins.  


How is the server lag?

Server has little to no lag at all. Client side might be affected by the client's computer process.

Server requires average system requirements.

CPU: Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz / AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz or equivalent


OS: Minimum Windows 7+ or Any 64-bit OS X using 10.9 Maverick or lower

Graphics Card: GPU (Integrated): Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Ivy Bridge) or AMD Radeon R5 series (Kaveri line) with OpenGL 4.4*


Server Population?

120k+ Players online daily. Increases +8k players on the weekends.


Most Popular Gamemode?

Hypixel has one of the biggest Skypixel playerbase rising up to 50k players. Following Bed Wars and SkyWars.


Server Content? 

Server has 19 main unique game modes that are all active and entertaining.

Fun aesthetic collectables: hats, effects, morphs, companions, particles, etc.

Server has daily quests and contacts, able to gain cosmetic rewards from them.


Noob Friendly?

Server has game brief game descriptions under game selection, but otherwise no assistance or tutorial on how to play a certain game. (Learn as you go). Although game mechanics are easy enough to identify, it does require a bit of experience and repetition to understand.


Pay to win?

No. but significantly harder to gain coins or mystery dusts for arcade coins, cosmetics, or cosmetic upgrades. A lot of the shop items are purely cosmetics.


Server Shop?

Good overlay involving: Ranks, boosters, mysterboxes, companions, gems, loot chests. Each item involves a brief description on what you are purchasing. Ranks come with charts showing what each rank includes. Items reasonably priced. Purchases take up to 48 hours to process.


Server Website layout?

Server home includes updates, leaderboards, forums, rules & Policies, Support, etc. Every major feature is provided for you to explore. Recent threads on the right column of the home page. Big announcements posted on homepage. Unable to locate server discord on website. Navigation is simple, main categories found on top of the webpage.


Server Support/Staff communication?

Support features involve specific categories of assistance: Minigames, Bugs, Creators, Store purchases. Able to submit a request for assistance, or use the server discord for help. Quick to ban hackers, or glitch/bug abusers.


Playerbase interactions?

Few toxic players but otherwise, friendly and playful community. Community for english and spanish players.



Textbox can be cluttered, spammed, and cover more than half the screen. Distracting to a player who is not interested in chatting, and just wants to play the game.


Bugs? Glitches?

Server is very proficient, runs properly, and has no lag.



Needs better Co-op options for playing with friends. Confusing to que in with a friend for a game. Discord needs to be posted on the front page for players to locate. A lot of information is located on the discord, and should be a necessity to have/use. Tutorials should be more accessible as some games may be confusing to the user on how to play.