Backroads Roleplay

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Тип Custom Cars Cops Roleplay Eup Onesync Custom Cad Serious Rp Vmenu Whitelist
Расположение United States
Последнее обновление21 Jan 2023
Дата регистрации21 Jan 2023


We are Backroads Roleplay! I assume you have been scrolling for a while looking for a FiveM Server that will satisfy your interests, if you have high standards for Emergency Services & Civilian RP this whitelisted server is worth your time.

We are a Server that was established just a couple of weeks ago, but this does not mean we are “New”, our management team consists of six members who have been staff/owners members on multiple other servers, and have skills ranging from community management, development, emergency services, technical operations, and more! This server’s goal is to create a community where members can join the server at any time of day, and they will be able to jump into some serious roleplay! We also have built a community where outside of roleplay, members can spend time in VoiceChats with other members!

Now without further ado, let me introduce Backroads Roleplay!


- 12 Hour whitelist application turnaround

- 100% Custom Liveries

- Active Staff and Development

- 3 LEO Agencies (Metro Police, State Police, and Sheriffs Office)

- 2 Rescue Agencies (Health District EMS, Fire Department)

- Full Judicial Services System

- No civilian ranking system

- No blacklisted weapons or vehicles

- Public no clip

- Detailed configuration of FiveM, Sonoran Radio, Sonoran Cad, and Team Speak.

If you are even remotely interested give us a visit? Join us in our discord!

If you are convicted and ready to join the backroads? Apply to any department you wish!