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 You cannot **** on sight in any situation you must initiate role play for at least 2 minutes, You must also threaten to **** them before actually doing it.
 You cannot **** more then 2 people in the span of 25 minutes! Unless at a bank or jewelry store robbery!
 You cannot wear helmets as it gives you an unfair advantage.
 No Failed RP. (I.E Shooting someones tires for no reason)
 No Metagaming. (I.E Using Discord when dead/ any out of character information for in character use)
 No Powergaming. (I.E Running into a greenzone during a gun fight/robbery)
 No Random Death Match.
 No Vehicle Death Match. (I.E Hitting someone with your car repeatedly for no reason)
 No Combat Logging.
 No Stream Sniping.
 No Cop Baiting.
 No Exploiting (Permanent Ban).
 No Animation Exploiting.
 No Killing in greenzones. See #green-zones
 No Driving Offroad.
 No Unrealistic Driving.
 You must value your life at all times. (I.E outnumbered at gunpoint; you need to fear for your life)
 No Dressing up as a cop if you are not officially one.
 No abusing "/me". (I.E When you are dead you cannot communicate with /me regardless of the circumstances!)
 You cannot steal an RP Situation (I.E You can't steal jewlery store if another gang is already going to rob it)
 Aiming is NOT initiation.
 No blindfiring behind cover.
 No abusing "/takehostage". (I.E to fit an extra person in your car)
 No Death run before a shootout. (I.E Running around in circles before a gunfight. this is failed rp/powergaming)
 New Life Rule 20 minutes. You are not allowed to do criminal activity for 20 minutes or return to the same location you died at. Your character also forgets the last 20 
 No Revenge RP. (I.E someone killed you a while ago and want revenge)

 No Hatespeech/******.
 No Toxic Behavior.
 No Disrespecting Staff/Admins.
 No ****** related RP.
 No **********.
 Do NOT Hot Mic(edited)

 You cannot **** EMS in any situation!
 You cannot steal EMS vehicles!(edited)

  You cannot tax Multiple locations, Pick One!
  You cannot turn taxing into robbery or a ****** unless they refuse to leave. (I.E attempt to tax someone in coke they say no, then rob them outside)
  No **** Exploiting.
  if you leave a **** location you do NOT need to reinitate if there is an active shootout.
  Do not ***** the teleporting in to **** locations. (I.E Avoiding RP by running into a **** location)(edited)

 No Fake/False hostages, you cannot have a fake/false hostage, or a hostage "in on the robbery".
 You can only have a hostage for a maximum of 20 minutes.
 Only 1 bank/jewelry store can be robbed at a time!
 No consecutive store, jewelry or bank robberies, must wait 20 minutes after finishing one.
 No outside shooters allowed for store robberies.
 Must stay at the Jewelry heist till heist is completed.
 You must announce that you have an outside shooter to police.
 Only 1 outside shooter/person allowed for Jewelry Store Heist or Bank Heist.
 Don't interfere with active robberies if you are not involved.
 You are not allowed to respawn in active RP Situations, you may only respawn after officers have left and searched you already.
 You cannot force a hostage to withdraw money from the bank.
 You cannot **** a COMPLIANT hostage.
 You can only rob someone every 20 minutes.
 Max amount of money you can rob/scam someone for is 100k.
 For all robberies you are only allowed to exceed the number of cops on duty by 2 (ie if there are 4 cops on you can have 6 people).(edited)

  If you die at any location and brought to hospital you cannot return to location for 25 mins (Gang Member or Not)
  Gang fights must consist of gang vs gang ( Allies of the GANGS are allowed / Random Civilians are not allowed to shoot with either gang)
  Must have atleast 3 members of a gang to tax/rob at a location 
  All gangs must have same clothing that mirrors the gang colors
  Gangs can shoot if you do not leave their property after being asked (The Gang who owns the HQ is allowed to shoot on sight)
  Before ensuing at Gang fight there must be 2 minutes of rp between the members and in those 2 minutes u are allowed to call for backup. Whoever is there after the 2 minutes of RP are the only ones allowed to shoot! (MUST BE IN ALLIED GANGS TO SHOOT)
  When a Gang member takes another gang member hostage the rule of not killing a compliant hostage DOES NOT apply. Before killing the hostage there must be 5 minutes of roleplay. (The hostage must still value their life no matter the outcome)
  If your GANG MEMBER is taken hostage you HAVE TO value your members life. You are NOT allowed to shoot until the opposing gang CLEARLY threatens your gangs or the Hostages life... You are allowed to ask for up to 100k in return for the hostages life but YOU MUST COMPLY and hand over the hostage. At this point the scene is over and both gangs must go separate ways!
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