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Тип Cops Roleplay Custom Cars Discord Cad RP
United States
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**[Discord](https://discord.gg/jVcSfVgAey)** **[Website] In progress** Welcome to Texas Harris County Roleplay where we provide the best roleplay experience. Why choose us you may ask? We have 500+ custom that are available to anybody and everybody who joins our server. Also we are having a BIG EVENT right now in our server that includes the price of 3 donor cars of your liking. You are probably asking how do you get the cars? So whoever can invite the most people to the server will end up getting the big prize. Also we do have all LEO and Fire/Ems applications open for anybody's liking. **Departments** * Harris County Sheriff's Office **Status - Open** * Harris County DPS **Status - Open** * Houston Police Department **Status - Open** * Harris County Fire Department/EMS **Status - Open** **Administration** * Staff **Status - Open** * Developers **Status - Open** We are constantly adding new LEO/CIV cars to expand the roleplay and give a variety of cars and options for people to be able to experience new roleplay day by day. Not to forget we are also adding in new buildings and scripts to make it more efficient for anybody who is in the server.
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