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Discord Discord 353
Версия Episode 22 Episode 20
Тип Balanced Customs Mid Rate
Последнее обновление14 Dec 2019
Дата регистрации04 Sep 2019


Release:20-12-2019 // 13 Unique Sets // Epic Booster System // Easy Start: LvL 120, CR20 , HR6 // Newest Dungeons // Vote Goals // Wikipedia // Anti-Cheat Client // Autoretarget // Permanent Ingame-Events Social events // Discord Support // Active Gamemasters // Webshop with newest fancy stuff


I want to tell you a little about this server, Cabal One. Playing on many pirate servers this server remains the best only here the main feature of the game remains, donat does not solve everything you can achieve by playing the game. Also quite an interesting system of rewards for both online and for the passage of both medium-level and high-level dungeons. Online here is constantly high as well as there are a variety of events.Responsive administration that will always answer the players and help in this or that question . The dungeons are redone with the drop indication right in the description in the information about the dungeon. Donat coins you get for tasks or online that you can spend in the store or on the website, or buy an envelope and sell it at auction.There is also a system of T-points for them, you can in the channel not bad to strengthen the character and then buy what you want ,there is a created location for AFK and stuffing T-points .Join us and you won't regret it!From my personal opinion, I think this server is the best in many aspects here are collected many of the main advantages of the game and from the minuses I have not yet seen anything.


Classic Cabal without all the hassle of grinding. Truly a magnificent server. I love how the players help one another. This server also has a unique farming method that is not boring. I definitely recommend Cabal One. I hope to see you around.