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Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Versiune 1.20
Tip Joc SMP Lifesteal Hardcore Op prison Factions Skyblock Survival Anarchy Op skyblock Minigames
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare27 Aug 2023
Data inregistrarii27 Aug 2023


Do you want a hot chick, a Ferrari, and a trillion dollars?  πŸ’°

Well, we don't offer that in the Lifesteal department. But we do offer an AMAZING MINECRAFT SMP πŸ’€

Are you ready to play the MOST FUN YOU'VE EVER HAD ON MINECRAFT? ❀️

Introducing the Veroxus Lifesteal SMP, the DonutSMP alternative without the sweaty losers and Lifesteal added!

We offer:
* Fusion Think of if DonutSMP and the Lifesteal SMP had a baby 🍼
* Smooth KB + Zero Lag This is an SMP with actual good knockback. The PvP is amazing. You won't find any lag here ⚑
* Zero Claims and Constant Raids Server is aiming to grow to 500 concurrent players by the end of July, so expect to find lots of bases where  you can destroy and loot bases with no claim protection, be water, my friend πŸ₯‹
* 1.20 LATEST AND GREATEST VERSION SUPPORT We offer Minecraft on the latest version, you won't have to play 1.12 like cheating noob servers such as 2b2t πŸ€“
* HIRING STAFF Must be qualified We pay our staff monthly too! DM staff to get a job!

We don't have:
πŸ›‘ Dorks
πŸ›‘ Nerds
πŸ›‘ Geeks
πŸ›‘ Annoying manchild YouTubers that call themselves Dr on TikTok
πŸͺ Joe Biden's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Vanilla is waaaay better 🍦

Note We do guerilla copy paste message marketing because that is the cheapest way to broadcast our message!

Join Veroxus Lifesteal SMP RIGHT NOW! (We are online and released!) for the Ultimate SMP Experience!