Operation: Craft

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Versiune 1.19.x
Tip Joc Bosses Economy Dynmap Towns Achievements Custom Enchants Custom Ranks Crates Cosmetics Need Staff
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare12 Aug 2023
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Operation: Craft

We aim to enhance the Minecraft experience, rather than change it, by adding cohesive content that looks, feels, and functions similar to vanilla! Don’t let that fool you, though. Operation: Craft is so packed with content, you’ll think we’re running Minecraft 2.0!

Some of our exciting features include:


Custom Crops & Farming, through Pam’s Harvestcraft!

Enjoy the features from a world-known mod, Pam’s HarvestCraft, an official partner of Operation: Craft. We’re the first server to boast this partnership, bringing this beloved mod to a multiplayer server versus only being single player! 

Grow, trade, and create exotic crops and recipes and let your creativity run!


Intense & Dynamic Boss Battles, with models provided by LittleRoomDev!

LittleRoomDev is an independent Minecraft model & texture artist, and developer. They focus mainly on their Blockbench models, which use ModelEngine & MythicMobs to bring intense, unique boss battles to Minecraft! Move over, Ender Dragon!

Here at Operation: Craft, we took these bosses to the next level, with dynamic leveling & spawning systems, multiplayer or solo boss difficulties, and unique prizes you won’t find anywhere else!


Pay2Win? Try Play2Win.

Using our own virtual currency, players can earn Webstore credits easily by progressing through the game! All game-breaking perks are convienently made into physical in-game items that are easy to buy, trade & sell! No more being jealous of those V.I.P.s who get everything they want!


Earn while you’re away, using our AFK Pools!

Why work for anything when you can earn it AFK? Stay online in our various AFK Pools to earn money, points, boss shards, & more! Take advantage of powerful auto-farming mechanisms with super & chunk hoppers, provided by UpgradableHoppers. Using Enigma Redstone, we can allow huge farms with virtually no lag!


You can’t have Economy Survival without a classic like ChestShop, but we took it a step further with our beautifully-designed, multi-functional Shop plugin that brings buy, sell, barter, & gambling shops that can be customized with various styles that fit your preference!


Show off your style with crazy cosmetics! We have disguises provided by LibsDisguises & ModelEngine, pets provided by AdvancedPets, & tons of custom hats & tools created by our own community. Don’t compromise your combat for fashion, as all our hats provide equal protection of a Netherite Helmet, and can be enchanted (without glowing!) to provide extra protection! Collect every cosmetic set from our Seasonal Crates to fill out your Profile!


Cast a line, you never know what you’ll find with our CustomFishing x PyroFishing cross-over! Find rare new fish created by Drwagwon, hosted through PyroFishing with a new challenge added by CustomFishing. Fishing can be a whole game in itself!


Are you a creator yourself? Ever wanted to be a part of a team that wants to break barriers? We’re always looking for passion. Here at O:C, we aren’t here for the money. We aren’t here for the followers. We’re here because we LOVE Minecraft, and we want a server that is for the players. We host user-created content to be sold in our Webstore (for 70% profit!). Create pets, hats, music discs, & more! Or, join the admin team and work on creating cutting-edge features for the server, and explore your own creativity and learn how to execute impressive features!