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Website minearch.org
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Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Versiune 1.18.x 1.17.x Latest 1.19
Tip Joc SMP Balanced Economy Guilds Multiplayer Survival Pve Survival PvP Survival Custom Coded Custom Biomes Bedrock Java
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare08 Jun 2022
Data inregistrarii25 May 2022


Welcome to MineArch, where your survival adventure begins in a city abandoned by its protector, an unnamed deity. Players have stepped up as staff to run the abandoned city and the land it inhabits. Will the deity ever return?

MineArch SMP. A new Java/Bedrock server and I'm looking for players (and staff) for my community I have created. Right now, we are small because we are a new community. I have big plans for the future of MineArch, I just need the players. I am beyond confident in my work to produce a server that players will love to be on.. I just need to get the word out there. Stop by, we'd love to have you.

What MineArch has to offer:

- No Pay-to-win! (I did not create this community for any kind of profit. Infact, i've invested a lot of my own money into it.)
- Balanced "better than vanilla" gameplay (Our core plugin modifies the gameplay - read more about it below)
- Custom world generations (Better than 1.18's! Includes bosses to fight around monuments, generated buildings)
- Skills (Kind of like mcmmo, but better)
- Scaleable mob levelling with your skill levels
- Shards (Not crate-keys! Choose your own rewards with unique 3d interactive animations to choose your rewards)
- Potential to win free ranks with shards.
- Daily / Weekly Quests
- Anti-Xray & Anticheat - Our server is free from hacks.
- Win & receive free credits every hour which can be spent on cosmetics.
- Win premium coins by getting lucky with votes. Coins can be spent on ranks and other donor store items.
- $20 Coupon given to each person who gets the most votes and most quests completed every month.

A little about MineArch SMP:

I started this project back in 2018, a year before my daughter was born and since about a year ago my health has gone downhill and I've been unable to work. So I've that new found spare time into Studying and into MineArch. Since then, I've come up with some fantastic ideas that I've incorporated into the server for your best experience, whilst making the server as balanced and optimized as it can possibly be.

Crate keys? Nah, we have our own system that lets you pick your own rewards!

Here's a short video of the MineArch shard system when it was in development. Instead of crate keys, (which every server has.. it's quite boring and overused) I've introduced my vision of a rewards system that benefits the player more than the crate keys you already know. When players vote, they're given a shard which they can go to the shard portal to sacrifice for a reward. (There's a whole lore based around the shard portal) Rewards are offered to the player using a 3D client-side animation using packets. Once all the rewards are shown, the player can then choose which reward they want just by punching it! https://youtu.be/PvKNkrnRVnk. This was back in its early development stages and has improved since.

Earnable premium currencies / ranks that work across future MineArch servers

Every hour you play on the server, you're given Credits which are redeemable for cosmetic and useful items in-game. (They can also be won through voting or by completing quests). Coins are our premium currency which can be purchased on our webstore and can be spent on non-p2w ranks, perks, shards, etc. Coins can also be won through lucky votes.

The best part? all ranks, credits and coins will be usable across all of our servers (when we add more.. I'm excited for that).

What do you do with any donation money?

Any income made from the server will be saved and spent on improving the community. Whether that be hiring freelancers (developers, artists, mapmakers), expanding servers, paying server fees or advertising costs. My goal isn't to make this a p2w server, I've invested all this time, money and effort into this community FOR the community.

Balanced Gameplay

Vanilla Minecraft has some flaws, such as Villagers, Elytra, tnt in the nether, Mending Enchantment and some various other things that are absolutely broken in our opinion and needed some changes in order to nerf / buff them. We made these changes to benefit the players so pvp and progression will be fair and fun for all.

How to connect to MineArch SMP in Java Edition


Step 1.: Open Minecraft (Premium account required)
Step 2.: Click on Multiplayer
Step 3.: Click on "Add Server"
Step 4.: In the server name box, type "MineArch SMP" or something along those lines.
Step 5.: In the Server Address box, type: play.minearch.org

How to connect to MineArch SMP in Bedrock Edition


Step 1. Open then app and type in geyserconnect.net
Step 2. Open Minecraft and navigate to the servers tab.
Step 3. Open "Add Server", enter MineArch SMP as the title
Step 4. In the IP box type play.minearch.org and set the port as 19132 then connect to the server.